Friday, November 14, 2008

We are famous!

OK, last week a picture of the kids dressed up for Halloween was in the local paper.

 Today an article ran about our adoption story.  It seems rather odd that anyone would find us newsworthy.  We feel pretty normal.  The kids are enjoying it, though.  Anything I can do to stir peoples hearts towards adoption is worth it, I guess.  So here it is... our 15 minutes of fame....


Laurel said...

Great article.

Let me know if you want to save some $$$ on groceries. We spend less than $500/month for our family of 11 (currently living at home).

I wrote a post about your household tips (bathroom towels) and linked to your blog yesterday. Loved your great ideas!


Laurel :)

Lauren said...

I loved the article.

Amy said...

I really enjoyed reading the article Heather! Your family is just so special! :)


Kim said...

That was a great article. I loved it. I hope others are inspired by your family to consider adoption, or helping others who are led to adopt.

Jackie Davis said...

Hey Heather!
Maybe because it's many days/weeks later but i do not find the article. I'm sure it's great! I have sent a link to your blog to two other women I know who have 8 & 9 biological children. You remind me of house parents here in Guatemala who have 15 or so kids. It's amazing! Quite a management and logistic challenge and rewarding too!! I'm praying for you!

Jackie and small family

Deborah said...

Just stopping by for a visit. I have just returned from Ghana, where I filed the I600 and visited with my children, Jukat and Jephter. They are so beautiful. So is your family. I love the photo on your header - you are blessed!