Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What works?

Having 9 kids share a bathroom has been working so far.  This is what 9 toothbrushes look like.
9 sponges in the shower:
We keep their towels hanging in their rooms.  That alleviates the "she used my towel" argument.
Everyone has two personalized towels (thank you to my friends Lauren and Penney for those) that way we know whose towel is laying in a wet heap on the carpet.  One hangs in their room to use, the other is in the closet.  When we wash towels we hang the clean towel up in their room, so they always use the one hanging up.  This greatly decreases the number of towels washed weekly.
This used to be our formal dining room.  Now it is the mudroom/computer room/ homework room.  We painted stripes, put up wooden boards, hung hooks and initials,  and put some shoe totes down.  Our hallway closet just wasn't cutting it.  To the left you will see Mom's mailbox.  That is where the kids put all papers that Mom needs to see or sign.  (Yes it's overflowing right now).  But it works.
This post is in answer to those of you who have asked me "so what seems to be working well for you?".  

These last few FAQ posts, I fear, have given you a false impression of me and our home.  I've received very nice compliments.  Thank you for those.  Being complimented is always nice.  Alas, my conscience will not allow me to keep you in the dark to the 'real side'.  Therefore my next post will be titled "What isn't working".  I will post pictures.



Katie said...

I love all the color. The dining room conversion is awesome. I also can't wait to see your pics of what doesn't work. You are so creative I'm sure its bound to be fun. :)

Laurel said...

LOVE your ideas.

We have 9 of our 13 kids at home right now, and they share 1 1/2 bathrooms. We, also, keep the towels in the bedrooms. But ... I LOVE the idea of the towels with names on them. We go through WAY too many towels on a daily basis.

My most recent organizational find ... a canvas "shoe holder" that fits over a closet rod, with 10 "pockets" for shoes. I just put it up in our hall closet yesterday, for 10 sets of hats and gloves. The youngest child has the bottom pocket, and they move on up.

Laurel (my ministry website)

Ericka said...

That room is SO cool!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

I LOVE the song..its perfect! :)

Diane said...

I loved the music too, but I especially loved the picture of you in the mirror taking the "picture" of the toothbrushes. You seem to be doing well. Think of you often and enjoy the blog
Mama Sheffe

Jen said...

OMG- I love it! You are good and love the song too! If I had nine kids- I would so be calling you all the time for ideas! Can't wait to see what doesn't work- you crack me up!

Amy said...

GREAT ideas!!! THANKS! Amy