Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Has Hope Been Up To This Spring?

Hope is a busy thing, that likes to be involved with any activity that she can.  This Spring proved particularly hectic and fast paced for her.  She spent absolutely countless hours participating in Odyssey of the Mind.  I had a video of them performing their skit, but it (along with ever other picture/video on our computer got erased recently).  Trust me, that they were awesome, and clever and very funny.  She also spent untold hours rehearsing for our church's Easter Praise musical.  She was picked by our Worship Pastor (who had directed her in a musical last summer) to play a main character.  She played the granddaughter, who along with the grandfather, narrated the play.  It was a huge undertaking for an 11 year old.  She was amazing, and handled herself with maturity and grace.  I know, I know, I'm her mom.  But seriously, it was way cool to watch her do her thing.  This is a picture that the Worship Pastor had framed for her after her last performance.  I love it.Hope also plays lacrosse.  Which she managed to fit in, somehow.  She is a fast, athletic girl, and it is fun to go watch her play.
She is competitive, and takes it very seriously......
It's been a joy to parent such a smart, talented, goofy girl.  I can't wait to see what she'll get into next.  But I guarantee she'll be great! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Emma's State Meet

(Emma waiting to vault)
Emma's gymnastics season is over! Unfortunately she didn't have the best meet ever, but did walk away as the Virginia state champ on vault... 2 years running! Way to go Lu Lu!! Here is the video of her level 7 vault at state this year. The coaches tell us that the second vault is the one that won it, but who can tell the difference? They both look perfect to me... but I am her Mom.

Now she is working hard training for level 8. There is no such thing as an off season for a gymnast!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break = Busch Gardens!!!

We live 20 minutes from Busch, and use it as our primary source of entertainment all Spring and Summer long (as well as Water Country). The kids all had a blast. Stella, Beatrice and Elias all had their first coaster ride. Stella freaks out, but will try again Beatrice thinks they are kinda scary, but doesn't want to miss out. My little Elias? Well, he just smiles and giggles the entire ride. Precious! Me? I just watch them with tears glistening in my eyes, just so amazed at how miraculous it is that they are here, in America, with bellies full of soda and cotton candy, going upside down on Loch Ness Monster, grinning from ear to ear, completely oblivious to how lucky they actually are... just the way I like 'em!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bicycle Mayhem

One of the kids very favorite activities right now is riding their bikes. Stella, Beatrice and Elias came to us not having a clue about how to ride a bike, but picked it up extremely quickly. Emma (and Nathan and Hope) have jumped right in and shared some of their daredevil antics with them. Fabulous. It is actually very fun to see them all having fun together, even if it ends in a bicycle boo boo....

Poor baby! (He WAS wearing a helmet at the time, maybe we should add a face mask!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been on a blogging hiatus lately. Don't blame me, blame Facebook. If you really want the scoop on our family, I suggest you join me over there, don't worry... I'll accept your friend request.

I'm going to post some videos taken of our kids recently, to jump start my leap back into Bloggy Land. Those of you on Facebook have seen them before. Sorry!

These are some videos of one of Emma's gymnastics meets:

This one is Nathan and the 8th grade guys doing a skit at church. They had to do a 1 minute skit called Compelled by _______. They chose Compelled by Music. What makes this truly funny, is that up until this point, Nathan has been rather quiet and shy. This weekend at church really brought him out of his shell, now we are going to spend the next few years trying to shove him back in... (He's the one 2nd from the left, wearing a beanie).

So, yes, we are alive! Yes, we are fine! Yes, all of the kids are doing great! I was just busy having an affair with Facebook.

Friday, November 14, 2008

We are famous!

OK, last week a picture of the kids dressed up for Halloween was in the local paper.

 Today an article ran about our adoption story.  It seems rather odd that anyone would find us newsworthy.  We feel pretty normal.  The kids are enjoying it, though.  Anything I can do to stir peoples hearts towards adoption is worth it, I guess.  So here it is... our 15 minutes of fame....