Monday, November 3, 2008

Noah and HER Animals, a Sock Hopper and SCREAM!!!

On October 31st, Noah gathered his animals to himself to search out sustenance enough to last through the entire flood.  Otherwise read as - On Halloween Emma came home from a party and was tackled by a pack of wild animals, Stella, Beatrice, Elias, Jamison, Ishmael and Jorah. We went Trick or Treating and got enough candy to last through ANY trial, pestilence, plague or flood.
Cast of characters: Emma-Noah, Stella- Bee, Beatrice-Ladybug, Elias-Dog, Jamison-Elephant, Ishmael- Giraffe, Jorah- Cow, our friend Aiden-lion.
Nathan and his friend Caleb helped out the little treaters until they were worn out, then were released to do some tricking of their own.
Hope and her friend Paige sock hopped their way through Paige's neighborhood.
Hope sent me this message from Paige's:  Sorry, can't come home.... in a sugar induced coma...
As are we all, as are we all........


emily said...

That is so precious!

Amy said...

Brilliant! What a FANTASTIC theme!


Heather A. said...

I've been behind on my blog reading but man oh man I LOVE the Halloween theme! That is such a neat idea. And I can only imagine the amount of candy that you have with that many trick or treaters!

Cheryl Griffin said...

Steve, you have a BEAUTIFUL family.....and an awesome wife. Be grateful!

Cheryl Griffin
Aberdeen Elementary PTA