Thursday, October 23, 2008

Questions Anyone?

I know I promised an in depth, behind the scenes look at our home with 9 kids for my next post, but the Hubster took the camera to work and has yet to return it. Instead, I thought I'd open up the mic and give you guys a chance to ask me some questions. Do you have adoption questions? Organization questions? Scheduling questions? Agency questions? I know I have plenty of questions for some of my fellow bloggers, but feel like I shouldn't ask. I realize you may be a little gun shy, due to my previous post. But, please, ask away. Wanna know how Steve and I met, my views on the election, how old I am, my favorite food? I'm giving you permission.... what do enquiring minds want to know?


Kevin said...

It's funny how I stumbled across your blog. Enjoy your updates.

A. Gillispie said...

Okay, let's many questions, so little time! Have you started doing grocery shopping different now that you have 4 more mouths to feed? Do you have to double the amounts you make at each meal? Have you come up with new recipes that are a better fit for 9 kids than they were with 5?

Amy said...

My nemesis with 5 is the laundry- how are you tackling it with 9 kids???

I hear you talking about having room for one more (or should I say your kids are talking about it), do you think you might try to adopt one more?


Katie said...

What are your greatest money saving tips? What were some of the major questions you had to have answered in yourself before you believed you were ready to adopt? Or rather what are some things you would say are good questions to ask one's self when considering adopting? I also definitely want any of your quick and easy recipes! :) Only just expecting my first baby in February I am getting overwhelmed at the prospect. :)

kevin and angela said...

I think you nixed all my good questions on your previous blog... :) I know I have already asked some of those questions, but only because we so badly want to adopt! Thank you for being gracious with me and for humoring my questions. Yesterday Kevin and I were reading about the impact of Americans using corn to make energy ... therefore, causing starvation in Africa because we apparently NEED corn to make energy instead of drilling to use our own oil, so we can't send grain to Africa. (I digress... So, aside from my soapbox on drilling to use our own energy sources...) It made Kevin want to hop on a plane to go pick up an armload of kids to bring back home. I am sure we'll be looking into it momentarily, and I will have MANY questions for you, friend.