Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Magical Munchkin Moments

Here's what we stay at home folks have been up to while everyone else is slaving away at work or school:

Running lots of errands (some may call it shopping, but that's just a technicality).
Going on Thursday fun outings with some good friends; parks, Williamsburg, Malls... it's all fun!
Having Munchkin Movie Mornings.  They love them some Veggie Tales!

And their absolute favorite.... dress up time!  Ishmael thinks he is hilarious with a wig on, and I have to agree.  He'll wear those itchy things for hours at a time.  (Steve thinks I should draw the line at the pink leotard, though).

Aah, rough is the life of a Mother of Preschoolers.  Really....

(Especially the 2 hour nap time they will have this afternoon)


Julie said...

And that is why I love being home, to not miss those awesome moments!

emily said...


Diane said...

Tell Steve I have a great picture of Luke and Kelsey in pink leotards, so trust me it's all in fun and life rolls on. I love reading your blog and hope to see all you and your guys sometime.
Mama Sheffe