Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mysteries Revealed, Part 2

Question #2, asked by my very best blogging friend, Fabu (who just brought home 3 gorgeous kiddos from Ghana) asked how I tackle the laundry, and if we think we may adopt one more.

Answer part 1:  Laundry, schmaundry.  This is what we are doing. and it seems to be working well so far.  Each room has one laundry basket with the names of the room's residents written in Sharpie marker on the side.  Also, the kids bathroom has a basket (because no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get kids to take their dirties back to their own rooms).   Most baskets are for 2 people (Steve and I, Jamison and Jorah, Ishmael and Elias) but the older girls' basket is for 4 (Hope, Emma, Stella and Beatrice) and Nathan has a basket to himself (lucky guy gets a room to himself).  Each day I find a basket that is completely overflowing and take it down to the laundry room.  My goal is to get that load of laundry washed, dried, folded and back into that rooms basket before the kids get off of the bus (lofty goal).  Each time I change a load, I put in another load.  We can stay on top of the laundry if we do one complete rotation of laundry a day.  The full basket of folded clothes gets put up into their prospective rooms, and the kids are responsible for putting them away after their homework is done.  Why this system?  Well, I've found that folding one rooms worth is tons easier that folding a little of everybody's.  We only have a couple different kinds of socks to match, instead of 11.  The only time this is different is the bathroom hamper loads.  I'm willing to deal with this in order to keep that bathroom a little more orderly.  That is how we do the laundry.  I'm sure there are tons easier, more efficient ways to do it, but until Santa brings me my Whirlpool Duet, we will stick with the system. 

Answer part 2:  As to whether we are going to adopt one more....... hmmm depends on who you ask.  The Hubster is sitting next to me and says "No", with a big grin on his face.  Hope wants to adopt her best friend Paige, but her Mom would like to keep custody of her.  Emma and Hope think that we need a newborn boy next.  All I know is that we were "done" with 3, we were "done" with 5, so now I don't attempt to guess what the Lord has in store for us.  I could see us being "done" with 9, but there is "Always Room For One More" in our home and our hearts so who knows..... it is exciting not to know.  Will I ever completely feel "done"?  I dunno.


Amy said...

Thanks for the great answers... the one room at a time laundry has me intrigued. :) Maybe you should do a whole series on how you run the organizational things, as both this post and the one before have really gotten my wheels spinning (and I didn't even know they needed to!). Of course I realize you might not have time for that, but you've shared some gems here my friend! Any other nuggets you would ever want to bestow would be most welcome!

Amy Fabu

Melissa said...

Nice to meet you, Heather! I have been following your blog for a bit--I am in Virginia too. Love your story and cheers to you and your family and all of that laundry!!!


Laurel said...

You can't imagine how many times my dear hubby has said, "No." But ... God has changed his heart. After 3 it was, "We're done." After 5 in 4 years it was, "We're totally done." After 7 it was, "7 is God's perfect number." Now ... we have 13 kids and ... only God knows if we'll have any more.

Laurel :)

Amy said...

We too were 'done' after each one... but not really. ;0) Amy