Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Waiting Game...

Well, we have been getting in lots of waiting practice lately. We are learning what real patience is all about. It has given me plenty of time to talk to God about how I feel about this situation, and for Him to talk to me about, well... me. Apparently this whole thing is not about me. God is much bigger than that.

The Lord has it all worked out the way that will be to His greatest glory, and He works all things out for good. It is our job to be still, get closer to Him and glorify Him in our waiting. Everybody doing that? Good, me either. I am at a peaceful place right now, though, and am waiting expectantly to see what He has for us.

Here are some reasons that have come to mind about why we may be waiting so long.

1. Every day that those kids stay in Ghana is one day longer that they are immersed in their culture, one day longer to cement in their memories their birth land.

2. Stella and Beatrice (and 3 other girls whose families are waiting for passports also) are the 'heads of the household'. They have been at Eban House the longest. They are the leaders. They know the ropes and are teaching the 'newbies' how the process works. Maybe someone there really needs them right now, even more than we need them here. Especially in light of the tragedy that they all witnessed.

3. Maybe we, the parents, need some time to REALLY miss them, ACHE for them, so that we can appreciate them, even in all of the struggles that may occur once they are home. So that we may never say, "This is too hard, what in the world have I done?".

4. Maybe our reactions to the waiting are speaking to someone here.

5. Maybe we are being taught a lesson.

6. Maybe there is a divine appointment in Ghana that we must keep, and the time has not yet come. A chance to witness to somebody, or meeting your next child perhaps... (Robin, you NEED a boy, Fabu, you have extra room now, right?) :)

7. Maybe we will never know, but God does. And that is always enough.

Just random thoughts, but they have given me a measure of peace through this, and graciousness to deal with the hundreds of people a day asking "when do you bring home the kids?".

Isaiah 40:31
but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint.


Katherine said...

Thank you for sharing. I'm one waiting too and although my heart does ache, God does give that peace, and when my flesh isn't doing so well, I see something like your post and the verse you quoted and I say, thank you God for bringing this to me!!!

waiting on God's timing for a passport

Amalama said...

Hey Sista,

Great thoughts and positive energy... all toward trusting God. This is certainly not an easy time, but like Kathy, reading words like these help. :)

Amy Fabu
Also waiting and praying for a passport

Kristin said...

Beautiful and true. I will continue to pray for you and all the kids and families caught up in this passport frustration!