Thursday, August 14, 2008

I miss them....


Amalama said...

Oh Heather, I know you do. In a perfect world they would be home already.

I have been trying to NOT think about passports obsessively... it is so hard to be just be waiting for something that seems so simple. We get those and we're golden... I will keep praying for all of us.

Do you want to come and help me move because it certainly keeps you busy!? ;)

Love ya,

Heather said...

It's not that I'm not busy... I have PLENTY to do. I was doing really well at first. I'm getting a little weepy the last couple of days now, though. It has been 34 days since I've seen them.. too long. Thanks for the thoughts, though. Good luck moving. It's a pain, but I enjoy doing it. I like an organized closet, and right after moving is the only time its like that!!!


Amalama said...

Oh, I certainly didn't mean you weren't busy! I just thought you might like to pile a little more on! ;)

That is too long to be away from your babies, no doubt. 34 days too long. I'm so sorry that those darned passports are being so stubborn. But what can we do? We can pray... but that is certainly all we have at this point.

Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll all come out tomorrow! :)

Your friend in waiting,
Amy Fabu

Robin Dodd Photography said...

Heather.. I had to crossover to your blog and say I feel you sister. When I saw this picture I started to cry, and these are YOUR kids.. know this sounds weird, but I was thinking about a long ago friend of mine that I hadn't talked to in 9 years.. and truly doing the mind bending telekinetic thing, because I'd asked her to be my facebook friend and she didn't reply... and no joke, a day later she was standing on my front porch. Just taking a cross country trip and thought she'd swing by and freak me out. Well it worked.. so all day tomorrow I"m going to "see" the passports being picked up by Percy with a big smile on his face. Monday morning.. it's happening..