Friday, August 8, 2008

No Passports This Week Either :(

No news is sometimes bad news. My heart simply aches to hold them again, to bring them home, to their home. Lord, please allow these passports to be released and signed in your perfect timing and will. Be merciful Lord, and please allow it to be soon. Thank you for giving us peace and patience in the meantime. Amen.


Amalama said...

Hey Sister,

The passports. The passports. Oh, the passports. How frustrating it is to have one thing just stop our kids coming home in their tracks! But, we are praying and God is listening. I am really thinking something has to happen soon, right? :) I will continue to pray for all of us! :)

Amy Fabu

Carolyn T said...

Bless your aching mommy heart!!

AuntPaula said...

Heather & Steve,
Well, God's timing is perfect. For some reason this has taken longer than expected, but I'm sure there is some good reason that can be seen from His perspective.
Pray & Wait!
Love ya,