Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're Ghana Adopt!

What I really want to do is show you a picture of our 4 gorgeous children waiting for us in Ghana. But since we can not do that until we pass court, I will just have to tell you a little about them, and how they came to be ours, and show you a picture of our oldest three kids sporting Yellow Fever Vaccine wounds. Ouchie!! But worth it, as we need those for travel to Ghana!

About a year ago, Lou Lou and I were watching the news. There was a segment about Ghana and the problems they are having with unhealthy water. Lou went to bed that night praying for the children there. Not only praying for the children, but praying that we would adopt some brothers. I had never even heard of anyone adopting from Ghana, so we looked it up. It had just opened up to International adoption. Uh Oh!! Apparently God liked her idea.

It took Steve and I until about January to get on board with Lou. She prayed for this adoption nightly the whole time.

February- sent off all applications
March 4th- first home study visit
March 11- found out the names and ages of a sibling set of four
March 19th- mailed I600a application (to get pre-approval to adopt internationally)
March 27th- applied for passports
April 10th- fingerprints at USCIS
April 17th-home study approved!
April 19th- Got referral of S, B, E and I!!!!
April 25th- Dossier mailed to Ghana
April 25th- applied for kids passports
May 10th- received our 171h (the pre-approval to adopt internationally)
May 21st- they got presents we sent them, and know they will be adopted by us!

Where are we now? Waiting for court. We are hopeful that court will be sometime near the end of June. Adoptions in Ghana are in somewhat uncharted territory. Court can be delayed 2, 3 times or more routinely. So we are putting it all in God's hands, which is a sight more safe than in our own! About 3 weeks after court we get our official adoption decree, which means we can travel to Ghana and meet our babies! While there, we will file some immigration paperwork, and stay about a week. Tater, Joby and Lou will go with us. About a month later, we will travel back to pick up our kiddos and bring them home to us FOREVER!!!

It looks like they should be home late August, or early September. We are guarding our hearts, and trying not to be too optimistic, as a number of things could happen to make the timeline longer. This is just a guess!

S is an 8 year old girl with gorgeous huge brown eyes. She has told other visiting Momma's that she wants me to come and take her to America, and that she wants a white bike.

B is a 6 year old beautiful girl. She is a little quiet and reserved, and has said that she wants a yellow basket, and that she loves her Mommy!

E is a 4 year old boy, without his front teeth (he lost them in an accident). His toothless grin is absolutely adorable. He loves cats, and is proud of his schoolwork.

I is a cutie boy of 2. He is described as a lover and cuddler (be still my heart)!

We are just so excited to have the honor of adding them to our family. We can't wait to hug and kiss them up, and smother them with love. We miss them, even though we don't yet know them. Our hearts are bonded, yet we are separated by an ocean. When God allows it, I will run to Ghana (ok, fine... fly), scoop those babies up, and never let them go!!!


Renee said...

Your children sound so amazing!

I love your Blog. Your family is beautiful!

Amalama said...

Thanks for sharing- such a great family! :)


ktpie said...

You made me cry!!! I can't wait to meet them too!!

bbqdaisy said...

Thanks for your encouraging post on our blog! I had to check your blog out too :) What a BEAUTIFUL family you already have, and to have 4 more precious ones joining your family ... how AWESOME and AMAZING! It will be an honor to follow along and watch what God will do in and through your adoption journey!