Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's not easy being green...

Now that I've pretty well documented all of the major milestones in our life in 7 posts, I can share some day to day stuff with you! This Memorial Day we bypassed the beach, nixed Water Country, said no to Busch Gardens, and decided to paint shutters. They definitely needed to be done. The beauty of our mint green siding was being diminished by our faded hunter green to sage green shutters. Our home was sporting every shade of green known to man! I love green just as much as Kermit himself, but even he would have to agree that enough is enough! While I would love to change the siding to a gorgeous tan, I contented myself with painting the shutters a dark greenish black, to match the roof. Yes, even the roof is green. The people that built this house were amphibious.



STILL during (the paint fumes and top 500 songs of all times were starting to get to us):


No one can accuse us of not being "green"!


Amalama said...

What a beautiful home Heather! The shutters look great. :) My house could use a little work, wanna come over?


dbankeney said...

Heather, I love your blog and I love your new shutters. Keep up the wonderful blogging.

dbankeney said...

P.S. Praying with you for the new kids' safe arrival!