Friday, July 11, 2008


Hey Everybody!

I know I said I would post more often...but electricity is iffy, and internet even more so!!! The first couple of days there was no internet, so we are going with the better late than never motto!

So... we have met and loved on our kiddos! They are so amazing and cool! Saturday morning, first thing we walked down the alley to Eban House,opened up the gate, and was mobbed by 30 plus happy smiling children. It took a moment to find our own, but they were thereed to hug us. It was really surreal. It was everything you have been waiting and praying for, actually coming true. Add in some sleep deprivation, and intense nerves, and it was unreal!!!

When I get home, I will blog about each days events, and give you a window into the personalities of each child. For now, here is a quick rundown...

Day 1- Met the kids and just hung out.

Day 2- Church and the beach

Day 3- Filed our I600 at the Embassy, and went to the Art Market.

Day 4- Hung out at Eban House, Steve painted, (I went with Ishmael to the Hospital, he has malaria.. don't worry, he's doing much better now!!)

Day 5- Hung out, painted.

Day 6- Went to the pool at La Palm resort (as nice as being in Hawaii!), ate at Frankie's (American Food and AIR CONDITIOINED) The best day ever!!!

Day 7- Today.. so we'll see!!!

So this is what I think of each child so far...

Stella- My little fearless one. She has never been in the water before, and by the end of the day could swim!!! She is the fearless leader, my warrioress!!

Beatrice- She is a shy little flower tht blooms a little every day. When she comes to stand by you,it is an honor!!

Elias- My happy smiling little man!! So content, and pleasant. Always with a smile, and a laugh! He is the only one to say that he loves me, so far. Great little guy.

Ishmael- Oh my, will he and Little Bean ever have to duke it out! He seems to be a little bit of a Momma's boy, which I LOVE!! He is happy and content, and a little charmer.

I will write loads more upon my return, we get back midnight Saturday night. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!! We love everybody!! I have so much to say, so much to share, can't wait to get back to where interntet is not paid for by the minute!!

Heather, Steve and the kids


Lauren said...

So anxious to hear everything! Praying for a safe return! Lauren

Heather A. said...

Heather, it sounds like your having a blast! I'm glad it's going so well and you've had some good quality family bonding time. Praying for your safe journey back home. Blessings, the other heather

Amalama said...

Thanks for the update- it is great to hear from you! I can't wait for the full-details when you get home! Safe journey, my friend!


We're Ghana Adopt said...

It sounds like you are such a great time. Your children are so awesome and loving! Thanks for posting - it is so nice to read about what you think so far. Have an awesome flight home!

Melinda said...

Sounds like you were having a wonderful trip! I can't wait to see pics of you and your beautiful kids together when you get home.

Brandi said...

Praise the Lord!!!!! Can't wait to hear more!