Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Progress...

Our I600 has been approved! That is the immigration paperwork for our kids that we filed while in Ghana. I started calling the American Embassy (em-BAH-see as they say in Ghana) last week. The first few times they said it was under review. Thursday afternoon they told me to call in the morning for an update. Hmmm, is that bad? Is there a problem? Turns out that means it was probably approved on Friday, but they didn't care to answer my calls again until I woke up at 5:00 am this morning to call them when they opened this morning!

What does that mean, you ask? Normally that means that our main man in Ghana files for the kids visa on a Monday and we can jet on over to Ghana to pick them up on Friday. The problem is that two of our kids are still passportless. So no jetting to Ghana for us quite yet. I'm praying hard for the passports to be issued this Friday (it seems they are all issued on Fridays), then Percy can file for our visas on Monday, and we can pick the kiddos up anytime after Friday the 8th (travel maybe the 6th through the 10th). That is best case scenario. The passports are not being issued in a timely manner, however. There is a family adopting from Ghana with a different agency that has been waiting 2 months, I believe, for theirs. So we are trusting the Lord to bring those passports at His appointed time. Meanwhile, we are keeping busy building a privacy fence, painting rooms, and buying school supplies.

Keep checking back for progress on OPERATION PASSPORT.

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