Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We are home!!

Yes, we are home! We got back into town last night at about 10 pm. I stayed up until 3 am stressing about adoption paperwork. I've done adoption paperwork all day today. Now it is 11:30 pm, and I must hit the hay, and put an end to my stressy day!

I have lots to tell about our super fun trip to IA/IL. And lots to tell about Ghana trip preparations. It will wait until tomorrow.

I've really missed everyone. Did you know that there are people in Iowa that don't have internet? I'm not talking about Old Granny's either. Very cool, trendy people. Personally, I was in withdrawals. I'm back now, and will meet and hold my new children in about 81 hours. It's down to hours now. How cool is that?


Lauren said...

So glad that you are back and that you had a great time! People without internet...never heard of such a thing. Ha. Well let us know if there is anything we can do to help get you ready for your trip to Ghana! Can't wait to hear all your new stories.

Amalama said...

Good to have you back and wishing you all the best in your preparations! You will meet your kids SO soon now!


Brandi said...

Whohoo. . hours! When I read the "We are Home" I thought. . how the heck did I miss this?! Can't wait to read all the Ghana news and stories!


Jen said...

I wish you safe journey and can't wait for you to hear about your trip!

Selina and I were watching videos today- especially of the Ishman!!