Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doctor-Round Two and starting school...

We survived the doctors office. We were definitely conspicuous, but only because of sheer volume and our colorfulness. The kids all did fabulously. It was Stella's appointment and she was a trooper until the shots (she needed 4), but that only lasted for a second. The Chicken Pox came in handy, as she would have needed the Varivax vaccine as well, but LUCKILY (?) she already had the Pox, so only 4 for her.

Elias and Beatrice are today. They know now that the Doctor means shots, so they aren't as eager to go as they were yesterday. School is enough of an incentive, however, that they are willing to brave it!

For those that are wondering: Stella will be in 2nd grade, Beatrice in 1st, and Elias in Kindergarten. We weren't going to put Elias in school yet, but he knows his numbers and letters, the sounds they make, and can sound out simple words. Couple that with his having lost 6 teeth already, and we are going to try it out. (Children in Africa do lose their teeth earlier than their American counterparts, but 6 teeth in preschool would still be VERY early). The worst thing that will happen is that he isn't ready, and repeats Kindergarten. Not a huge tragedy. We shall see how they all do. They are starting on Monday and are counting down the days!! I really think that they are going to thrive, and I'm looking forward to watching them blossom! ( I accidently just typed bosom right there... I'm really NOT looking forward to watching them do THAT!!!)

Trampoline fun!


Renee said...

They look like they are so very happy! They are already blossoming!

What a difference a family makes! :o)

Amalama said...

Hi Heather,

Our girls are starting school on Monday too (not sure about Yaw... gonna wait a little bit on that one). So that will be great that they can have that in common- the girls will think that is neat to be starting school on the same day as Stella and Beatrice.

Hope you're well,