Monday, June 2, 2008

We are moving to Ghana...

Ummm... make that I wish we were moving to Ghana. There is a marvelous Momma of a beautiful little girl in Ghana right now. She has blessed us beyond measure. She has taken some gorgeous pictures of S, B, E and I. Another Momma just returned home after visiting her 2 little girls. She took video of the kids singing and dancing. It is surreal to actually see them move. They are real! Their little arms and legs hug, and wave and are *beautiful*!! The pictures of the kids are so good! She took them outside. We have pictures of them leaning on each other, playing on the swing set together, close-ups of their little feet and hands. I miss them.. and I love them.

The kids received Welcome Bags from us recently. These bags let the kids know that they are being adopted. We put albums of ourselves, our house, the school, our church in there. We also added some stickers, necklaces and bracelets for S and B. For E and I we put in stickers and some Hot Wheels. Each of them also got a t-shirt with our family picture on it. It said We Love S*****, we love I******* etc. I can't imagine what goes on in their little heads, seeing a picture of their new Mommy and Daddy for the first time. Knowing that they get a second chance at having a family to call their own.

So, our hearts belong to those amazing kids in Ghana. Their hearts are becoming hopeful that they actually have a family in America to call their own. Somewhere out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean our hearts have met and are being knit together in a way that can only be called a miracle. Half of my children get to live with me, we get to snuggle, play games, jump on the trampoline, sing songs, tuck in for the night. I kiss their boo boos, check their homework, make them dinner, and love on them all day long (as much as they will allow!). The other half of my children do not live with me. Our Ghanaian children are being loved and cared for by a loving staff, they are being fed well, and taught well, and play well. But not by me, not by a Momma who thinks they hung the moon. Not by a Momma whose heart swells listening to them laugh, not by a Momma who misses them while they are at school. Not by THEIR Momma.

That is why we are moving to Ghana.


Lauren said...

My heart longs for you to be able to hug and kiss your Ghanaian children. The way you describe the love you already have for them makes my heart melt and my eyes teary. Just imagine how much more your love for them will grow when you are able to bring them home. The day WILL come when your whole family will be united. Until then know that our Father is watching over them and loving them for you. He is doing that through the loving staff you mentioned, by people who are able to go before you who deliver packages to them so that they can begin to love their new parents and siblings, and by those who are able to send you pictures that capture the beauty and spirit of your children. We are praying for you and your whole family.


Amalama said...


This was a beautiful post and you know I am right there with you... I am so blessed to have you going through these same feelings at the exact same time as me! :) Neither of us are "patiently waiting," but how can we when our children are so far away...

Our joys will likely be on many of the same days too, although you may beat us home! Here is praying it is fast so we can love those children with the mother's love they deserve!