Monday, June 9, 2008

New Year's Eve and Court

New Year's Eve 2004 we had just put in our first application for adoption. It was with both excited and fearful hearts that we embarked on that journey. We had no idea what to expect, how long it would take. Would it be a time of God stretching our faith? Would we receive a baby quickly, and have an amazing story to tell? What would our families think? How would Tater, Joby and Lu react? That New Years Eve we sat in our friend Tim's house. Our friends were chatty and partying it up as much as good Baptists are allowed. I, however, was a little mellow. I was contemplating how awesome our God was to allow us to ACTUALLY adopt. I'd been praying for it forever. Would 2005 be the year we got to experience the miracle of adoption? Yes it was. Our Goofy Girl was placed in our homes June 13th. That is this friday. Her GOTCHA day.

Little Bean was given to us fast and furiously. I never had a New Years Eve to contemplate if that year would bring us another child. We decided to do Foster Care in June 2006. She was placed in our arms September 28th. Thankfully that tiny little thing is our baby girl, forever.

New Year's Eve 2006 was a day that I was SURE the next year would not bring us another child. My arms were truly full to overflowing with our five beauties. We were in the middle of praying and fighting to keep Bean. Goofy was not yet 2. We were selling our house, keeping it clean, worrying, and looking for another one. I drove the kids to and from school everyday to keep them in the 'good' school district. I was a little stressy. 2007 would not be a good year for another baby.

Then came New Year's Eve 2007. This past New Year's. It was a day that Steve and I weren't sure what could happen the next year. I honestly could picture us being 'done' with 5 cutie patooties. But I did feel that we still had room for one more. We had room in our hearts, minds, arms and house. So we started out 2008 oblivious to the bountiful blessings that the Lord had in store for us. God had a sweet, sweet secret that we were not yet privy to.

This Friday may well be one of those red letter days, that you remember forever. This Friday we have a court date. This Friday an attorney in Ghana will go to court and ask that S, B, E and I be legally ours forever. This Friday is June 13th. This Friday is Goofy Girl's Gotcha Day. I am praying that this friday is truly momentous in our family. We ask that you join us in praying these sweet babies home. Court in Ghana can be delayed numerous times. This is our first shot. We could easily pass this time. Or next time. Or the next. Whenever God allows it, we will pass court, and those little children I've never met but love unconditionally will have our last name. And be our children.

Regardless if it is this Friday, or a month from now, it will still be this year. 2008. A year that will go down in our families history as the glorious year that four beautiful Ghanaian children became our four beautiful Ghanaian children. I for one, am glad that we don't always know what is around the corner. I am glad that God keeps secrets and surprises from us until just the right moment. I am glad that this year I will be the Momma to 9 babies.

Thank you for praying for court this Friday, I'll let you know as soon as I know (which should be pretty early, as we are 4 hours ahead of Ghana). Love you guys!


Lauren said...

How incredibly awesome is it to know that God is in total control over your adoption including your court date?! We will definitely be praying for you this week! Here is a verse I find comfort in, just incase you need a reminder this week, as you wait for Friday. "And Jesus came and said to them, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.'" (Matthew 28:18)

April said...

Heather, thank you so much for sharing. I know how it feels to long for your children in your arms even those you don't have yet.
God is answering prayer all the time whether it be the answer we want or not. We can only pray that his will aligns with ours sometimes. My prayer is that this will be it for you guys. Exciting things happen when people pray.
Your family always has me thinking about "always room for one more". You are such a neat family.

Amalama said...

I'm praying for you all that court goes through this Friday! First times the charm! :)