Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been on a blogging hiatus lately. Don't blame me, blame Facebook. If you really want the scoop on our family, I suggest you join me over there, don't worry... I'll accept your friend request.

I'm going to post some videos taken of our kids recently, to jump start my leap back into Bloggy Land. Those of you on Facebook have seen them before. Sorry!

These are some videos of one of Emma's gymnastics meets:

This one is Nathan and the 8th grade guys doing a skit at church. They had to do a 1 minute skit called Compelled by _______. They chose Compelled by Music. What makes this truly funny, is that up until this point, Nathan has been rather quiet and shy. This weekend at church really brought him out of his shell, now we are going to spend the next few years trying to shove him back in... (He's the one 2nd from the left, wearing a beanie).

So, yes, we are alive! Yes, we are fine! Yes, all of the kids are doing great! I was just busy having an affair with Facebook.


Kristin Jag said...

Welcome back to bloggerland. Luckily, I have 'seen' you on facebook, but I still miss you here. Now that I have the kids home though, there isn't as much to write about.

Laurel said...

Glad to have you back!

Laurel :)

Amy said...

Ever so nice to see you blogging again! Hopefully you'll be around a little more!

Robin Dodd Photography said...

Heather!!! The girls LOVED seeing Emma doing her gymnastics!!! And the video of the kids riding their bike. Mariama really wants to talk to Stella!! : )